Skoda Lowers Discount Rate on Rapid, Laura, Super and Yeti

The automobile companies are competing to offer discounts and freebies to lure customers during this festive season. Skoda Auto India has announced that it is going to remove all discounts on its flagship hatchback, Fabia and is reducing the discount margins on other cars including Rapid, Superb and the Yeti. Skoda India’s Chief Operating Officer, Sudhi Rao said that “We are not going to increase discounts, but adopt a different strategy to sell our cars. We will keep our prices real without rendering any concessions. Though most of our cars would be more expensive than competition, we expect our superior brand and contemporary European technology to keep the sales momentum going.

Rao added that: “Even after reducing discounts across all our cars, we have managed to consistently increase sales, which have proved our point till now. We have enjoyed customers’ confidence and would decide our future strategy after assessing the performance during the festive period,”

Skoda believes that the quality of their vehicles will help them to get the expected sales during the festive season.  Though of the most automakers have increased base prices of their popular models because of uneven economic conditions of our country, they are offering discounts for this season.   Maruti Suzuki is offering a discount of up to Rs 35,000 on Alto; the Honda Cars India is offering goodies up to Rs 50,000 on its flagship sedan, Honda City. Tata Motors has offered the additional benefits/accessories of worth Rs 25,000 on Nano and Rs 75,000 on Manza.


Tata Nano’s Boot Space Is Set To Increase

The world’s smallest and cheapest car Tata Nano is going to have a size make over and by the looks of it there are talks that the boot space o the car is going to be increased. There has been no official announcement made by Tata Motors about this report, but there are speculations going on the internet that Tata Motors are committed to increase the boot space of this car in order to remove its city only car tag. There are also talks that this increase in boot space will increase the price of the car also by a notch or two. Tata Motors have already confirmed that they are making a few changes to their present car and will be shortly coming out with a CNG version of the car in order to increase its popularity among the common middle class people in India. The CNG version is expected to be coming out by the end of the this year and the diesel engine version of Tata Nano is expected to hit the Indian roads by the end of the first quarter of next year.

Tata Motors think tank is of the opinion that increasing the boot space will not be a factor that will help in increasing the sales of the car, but they are confident that the CNG version and the diesel engine version that will coming out shortly will provide the much needed sales boost that Tata is looking for. It is to be noted that Tata Motors was not able to create the miracle that it hoped to create when they announced the concept of bringing out the world’s smallest and cheapest car.