Upcoming Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster

Another Merc model that has already garnered rave reviews internationally, the SLS Roadster will be one for the super-rich with an added dollop of style. The car has lost its roof and along with it, the impressive gullwing doors, but does not miss out on any bit of the German muscle-meets-supercar attitude. It is still one of the best driver’s cars anywhere in the world .it is showier than its roofed cousin, thanks to the foldable fabric top.

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Some Information About 2014 Mercedes E-Class

Audi and BMW are bringing out new models and Mercedes cannot afford to be left out. Audi has gained a firm hold on the market and is trying to become the largest luxury car maker in the world. Since its launch in 2010 the Mercedes E- class has not undergone any changes.  Mercedes will bring the facelifted E-class in 2014. According to the manufacturer the changes to this luxury sedan will be extensive. It is expected that this vehicle will be unveiled in the Detroit motor show in January. Continue reading