What Harley Davidson Dyna Has To Offer India?

The Harley Davidson Dyna has acquired the same conventional expressions as it was in World War II, all the same, with cutting-edge technology. Harley Davidson Dyna is the classiest and comfy bike. The Harley Davidson Dyna arrives in a couple of variants namely, Harley Davidson FXDC Super Glide and Harley Davidson FXDB Street Bob. Both the motorcycles are being fitted out with air cooled, twin cam 96 power train that brings forth a peak power of J1349 and acquires peak torsion of 124.73 Nm at 3,000 revolutions per minute. The fuel injection of the Harley Davidson Dyna is Electronic Sequential Port fuel injection system. The engine of the motorcycle is coupled with a 6 speed manual gearbox. The fuel tank content of the Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob is 17.7 liters while this is 18.9 liters in Super Glide. You will be getting a fuel mileage of about 3 kmpl in these bikes.

Handling and command isn’t a big headache in Harley Davidson Dyna motorcycles as it is fitted out with broader tyres, advanced brake system and larger wheelbase. The motorcycle has got broader wheelbase of 1630mm. The bigger wheelbase is creditworthy for finer grip on road along with firm stableness. The Harley Davidson Dyna has been laden with front end four pistons and back end brake is constituted by 2 piston torque free floating. The forepart view of the Harley Davidson Dyna is groomed and pushy. It has got short body color fender. Chromium steel is employed for handlebars whose trend is mini Ape-Hanger kind which allows for hands-up driving position. Front end indicators are combined at the handlebars. The fuel tank fashion and design are varying in a couple of editions of Harely Davidson Dyna. It has its control board on fuel tank rather than being adorned on handlebars. electronic speed indicator with odometer, hour clock at odometer, double trip meter, fuel indicator with low fuel gauge light with countdown option, low oil pressure indicator, engine diagnostics readout, LED indicator lights, six speedometer light are all seen on the mounted console.

Harley Davidson Dyna is equipped with standard one piece, two-up seat which implies a rider and a pillion could relish riding Harley Davidson Super Glide.  Back end fender is sliced and has bold rear light along with rear indicators. The exhaust system is twofold shape with twin silencers. The chromium-plate finished muffle impart to its classical appearance. Harley Davidson Dyna is a lengthier machine with different rider cordial characteristics.

These comprises of design of handlebars, seats, foot pegs, bigger tyres and broader wheelbase. The higher-end version of Harley Davidson Dyna is endued with mini pull-back handlebars by which relaxed riding pose is guaranteed. There is a lot in store for the Harley Davidson fans and Dyna will never ever disappoint you.


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