Bajaj Pulsar 375 cc Bike Coming In 2013

It has now been revealed officially that Bajaj Motors will be coming out with the much awaited and anticipated 375 cc Bajaj Pulsar bike in the year 2013. This bike has been totuted to be the real competitor for the KTM Duke 390 that is also set to arrive in India shortly. This bike is also being launched in India by Bajaj and Bajaj Motors will be launching its version of the Pulsar 375 cc bike only after the Duke 390 is launched in India. In all probability, Baja Pulsar 375 cc bike will be coming out in the middle of 2013.

The Duke 390 is awaited to be released at forthcoming Milan bike Show, 2012 in November and the motorcycle could get an Indian debut as early as March 2013. The Pulsar 375 might debut a couple of months subsequently, as it would be partaking a great deal of parts with the Duke 390, even so at a far cheaper price label. The Duke 390 motorcycle is anticipated to be priced at just about Rs. 2 lakhs in India whereas there is every possibility of the Bajaj Pulsar 375 cc to come out for Rs. 1.4 to Rs. 1.5 lakhs. So, at this price 2013 Bajaj Pulsar 375 which assures to be the most knock-down Pulsar ever constructed would create a new niche in this bike segment which could be a real challenge for other bike manufacturers in India to replicate. KTM Duke 390 would be heavily supported by the Duke 200 model and Bajaj can as well adopt the identical mechanism.

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